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At Trend Micro, we’re proud to be protecting organisations that are leaders in their industries. We’re equally proud to protect the small business owners whose livelihoods depend on a smooth running business, and the families that put their trust in us. Our passion is making the world safe for the exchange of digital information, so that our customers can focus on their passion.

Go Daddy!

“We have both been doing business ‘in the cloud’ since before it was called ‘the cloud.’ Deep Security has proven to be the right choice on many levels, and dealing with Trend Micro has been a pleasure.”
—Todd Redfoot, Chief Information Security Officer

Industry: Website hosting

Location: Scottsdale, AZ

# Employees: 3,000+

CHALLENGE: Protect Go Daddy’s reputation as the world leader for web hosting, and protect the reputation of its customers by providing safe online experiences

SOLUTION: Trend Micro Deep Security

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“Trend Micro understands security concerns for today’s virtualised data centers—they get it.”
—Bill Cooper, President of Stalwart Systems (Ahold)

Industry: Retail food

Location: Greenville, SC

# Employees: 100,000

CHALLENGE: Maintain PCI compliance while minimising time required to manage the solution across 800 stores

SOLUTION: Switch to Trend Micro Deep Security

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Dane County

“We couldn’t even consider testing VDI in our environment without a security product. Once again, Trend Micro is right there. Others haven’t even begun to address it, but Trend Micro has a handle on virtualisation. Trend Micro’s commitment to virtualisation is why we are with them.”
— Steven Jones, Senior Systems Administrator

Industry: Local government

Location: Madison, WI

# Employees: 2,500+

CHALLENGE: Take advantage of virtualised desktops, without compromising security; offload network and desktops to maximise productivity for County employees

SOLUTION: Trend Micro Enterprise Security for Endpoints and Citrix® XenDesktop® on VMware vSphere

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“We had lost confidence in our previous solution, and now if the CEO were to ask me, I can honestly say that we are extremely well protected.”
—Robert Box, Head of ICT, RadioWorks Group

Industry: Advertising

Location: London, England

# Employees: 50

CHALLENGE: Too many threats reaching the network; spam volume overwhelming email server

SOLUTION: Switch to Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ Business Security, Hosted Email Security, and SafeSync™ for Business

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Humane Society of Tampa Bay

“I don’t want to focus on security—I want to focus on running an animal shelter. Since we switched to Trend Micro last year, I’ve been able to ignore security. I know it’s working!”
— Sherry Silk, Executive Director, Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Industry: Animal rights

Location: Tampa, Florida

# Employees: 45

CHALLENGE: Protect private donor information; prevent disruption of services in the shelter and clinics

SOLUTION: Switch to Worry-Free™ Business Security

Read the Human Society case study


Golf Town

“Keeping security light and lean absolutely matters to us. A small security footprint is crucial, and Trend Micro innovations like Smart Protection Network make a big difference. The Trend Micro solutions definitely extend the life of our systems.”
—John Hur, Director, Information Technology

Industry: Retail

Location: Markham, Ontario

# Employees: 1,000+

CHALLENGE: Protect corporate and customer data; meet PCI requirements; reduce operating costs

SOLUTION: Trend Micro Enterprise Security for Endpoints, including the OfficeScan™ VDI plug-in

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Morgan County Schools

“Trend Micro is the first to market with a VDI-aware endpoint security product, which made it an easy choice for us. They had exactly what we needed, when we needed it”
—Jay Cawley, Director of Technology, Morgan County Schools

Industry: K12 education

Location: Madison, GA

# Employees: 500

CHALLENGE: Increase level of service without increasing staff; provide safe, secure environment appropriate for all ages

SOLUTION: Introduce virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) secured by Trend Micro Enterprise Security for Endpoints

Read the Morgan County Schools case study

Omni Companies

“Trend Micro is more proactive in understanding the security landscape and knowing how cybercriminals are working. To predict and preempt threats, you have to have this understanding. Trend Micro does, and as a result, the Trend Micro solutions can detect threats very quickly.”
—Jeff Jackson, Partner and Principal Consultant, Acumen Technologies, Ltd. (Managed services provider for Omni Companies)

Industry: Financial Services/Insurance

Location: Vancouver, Canada

# Employees: 100

CHALLENGE: Introduce virtualised infrastructure; meet PCI compliance requirements

SOLUTION: Trend Micro Deep Security, protecting virtual servers in outsourced data center; Trend Micro Enterprise Security for Endpoints, protecting standard and VDI desktops

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