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InterScan Web Security as a Service

InterScan Web Security as a Service

Cloud-based Protection and Control

Traditional web security solutions are no match for today’s sophisticated threats. And with users working remotely and/or using their own devices, it’s clear that IT security manager need a trailblazing solution.

Trend Micro™ InterScan™ Web Security as a Service dynamically protects any user, in any location, on any device. And because it’s hosted in the cloud, you don’t need to buy, manage, or maintain software or hardware. Furthermore, this solution is flexible and will grow with your business.

InterScan Web Security is also available as an on-premise virtual appliance. A third option is a hybrid model of both the virtual appliance on-premise and SaaS models to accommodate the different parts of your business.

A fully managed cloud solution

InterScan Web Security as a Service is a fully managed cloud solution that eliminates the need to purchase, manage, or maintain software or hardware.

Application Visibility and Control

  • Monitors and reports on today’s most popular Internet protocols and applications, including instant messaging, peer-to-peer, social networking applications, and streaming media
  • Allows users to access cloud-based applications while mitigating risks and conserving resources
  • Enables policy creation to control all web activities

Award-winning Gateway Antivirus and Antispyware

  • Scans inbound and outbound traffic for malware
  • Prevents malware from entering your network, relieving the burden on endpoint security
  • Stops virus and spyware downloads, botnets, malware callback attempts, and malware tunneling
  • Closes the HTTPS security loophole by decrypting and inspecting encrypted content
  • Allows enterprises to electively decrypt HTTPS traffic to balance content security with user privacy needs

Web Reputation with Correlated Threat Data
Our Smart Protection Network™ web reputation technology blocks access to websites with malicious activity

  • Protects against new threats and suspicious activity in real time
  • Identifies and blocks botnet and target attack Command and Control (C&C) communications using global and local threat intelligence

Powerful and Flexible URL and Active Code Filtering

  • Leverages real-time URL categorization and reputation to identify inappropriate or malicious sites
  • Offers three different policy actions for web access control, including: monitor, allow, and block
  • Supports object-level blocking within dynamic web pages such as Web 2.0 mashups
  • Stops drive-by downloads and blocks access to spyware and phishing related websites

High-Performance Cloud

  • High-performance and robust cloud infrastructure provides elastic capacity to grow with your business
  • Points of presence globally and ISO 27001 certified cloud infrastructure
  • Industry leading Service Level Agreement guarantees 99.99% uptime and near-zero latency

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Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ stops web threats in the cloud

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Extending security beyond your corporate network

Superior Protection—Any Device, Anywhere

  • Supports mobile VPN, allowing you to enforce web security policies and protection for mobile devices
  • Not just a point solution – it’s part of a multi-layered user protection solution for the most comprehensive security across multiple threat vectors
  • Protects all employees from the full scope of web threats regardless of device or location—on the corporate network, branch office, remote or mobile
  • Stops threats before they get to your network, by integrating zero-day exploit scanning, malware scanning, and Advanced Persistent Threat detection with web reputation, URL filtering, and Java Applet and ActiveX code security
  • Enforces safe and proper web use by monitoring Internet traffic against malicious content and acceptable use policies
  • Blocks new threats as they emerge and provides instant updates for immediate protection

Simple but Powerful Management and Reporting

  • Flexible licensing that allows you to move among deployment models
  • Single pane of glass to manage all components of a hybrid deployment
  • Intuitive management of all users across all locations in real time, from a single console
  • Support for both location-based and user/group-based policies
  • Monitors web use as it happens, enabling on-the-spot remediation
  • Manages and reports on today’s most common Internet protocols and applications, with support for full report customization so you can focus on the information that is pertinent to your business
  • Integration with your network infrastructure, including support for directory services

Cloud Advantage—Cost Effective and Flexible

  • Security for all users globally without the need to purchase, manage or maintain on-premise hardware or software
  • Elastic capacity—no need to overprovision to accommodate peaks and valleys in traffic and future growth
  • You manage the policies, Trend Micro manages the infrastructure, freeing your resources to focus on adding value to your business
  • A per-user, annual subscription fee includes full service and support meaning you have predictable operating expenses
  • Eliminates need for expensive traffic backhauling from branch offices and remote employees

As a cloud-based service, InterScan Web Security as a Service does not require additional hardware or software located on your premises. All the web gateway software and hardware is operated and maintained offsite at Trend Micro’s secure data centers.

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